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Procedures: liposculpture, lipectomy, fat transfer in buttocks y chin liposuction.

Weight before surgery: 168 Lbs

Current weight: 129 Lbs

I have achieved my dream to look good and have a slim body. This thanks to God and the excellent surgeon and human being, Dr. Dario Juris. The treatment and the kindness of his staff made me feel that everything would be fine from the moment they picked me up at the airport. The next 16 days after surgery were so pleasant that I felt like home. The attention and care and above all the love they gave me made me feel like a queen. It has been a year from my surgery and I still have such fond memories of my stay and the excellent work that Dr. Juris did in me. I can sum up everything that I do not regret having made the decision to undergo surgery with Dr. Darío Juris as my self-esteem and my whole life have changed. I lost 39 lbs and 7 dress sizes. I'm super happy!!!!!. I enclose a photo of the before and after. For more information you can contact me at my email celys.nails@gmail.com

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