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After my third pregnancy I always dreamed of being slender and despite diets and visiting the gym I could not get back in shape. I was always thinking about the possibility of undergoing plastic surgery, (liposuction and abdominoplasty) but the thousand and one question haunted me in the head, for example when, where and with whom I would undergo the intervention. It is a very difficult decision to make. Over the years and after studying many cases I heard about a good Doctor located in Bogota, Colombia. I met friends who had been in touch with him, we talked and his testimonials convinced me. I contacted Dr. Darío Juris, we exchanged some emails and I found Dr. Juris reliable, but there would be nothing like my own experience. I thank to God very much for putting this angel on my way, very professional and his team is incomparable. From the moment I arrived to Bogotá, Colombia all the best attentions were for me, starting with the driver, office equipment and accommodation. Wow! A spectacular care!!! Everybody was very professional. Regarding my surgery it was better than I thought. Nothing better than opening your eyes and the first time you see is the doctor’s, and wondering: How do you feel Blanquita? Do you want to see yourself? This surprised me a lot because usually after surgery nurses attend you, and in my case the first person I saw was my angel, my Dr. Juris. I can say that the fifteen days I was in Colombia I saw him every day, he was always aware of my conditions, physically and emotionally. I recommend Dr. Juris all. Dare to be beautiful, it does not cost anything, simply choosing the best surgeon: Dr. Dario Juris. Best regards.

Blanca L. Rivera.

Email: blancarivera787@gmail.com

Testimonios sobre el trabajo del Dr. juris
Testimonios sobre el trabajo del Dr. juris