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I am very grateful to God for the opportunity he has given me to make my dreams come true this year.

After delivering my three beautiful children what I wanted the most was to undergo aesthetic surgery but it was not possible because of the cost. I heard several years ago about Dr. Juris. I looked for information on his website and I could see that it is one of the best cosmetic surgeons worldwide. It was then that I decided to travel to Bogota, Colombia, to make this change in my life.

Once I arrived in Colombia I felt like home, that is, they made me feel home. In the stay I was welcomed with open arms and the service they gave me was very good quality, from the day and night care to meals (delicious). The entire hospital staff was spectacular. An atmosphere of love and kindness. It's been three months since my surgery and I feel the most beautiful and the happiest woman in the world. Before the surgery, my dress size was 14 to 16 and weighed 170 pounds, now my size of 6 to 8 and I weigh 135 pounds. Thank God and Dr. Dario Juris for making my dreams come true.

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