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Nothing could have been better than finding such a professional surgeon, honest and ethical like Dr. Dario Juris ...

For 10 years I struggled to have a proportionate body and a flat abdomen without accumulated fat, I went through many aesthetic treatments, investing money finally lost because nothing worked and only left me unfulfilled promises, deceit and mistreatment in my body.

This year I made the decision to undergo liposuction, something I always saw remote by my fear to the procedure and the cost. However, a friend recommended me to Dr. Dario Juris. From the valuation he gave me the confidence to change what I wanted in my body. Today, I am fully recovered from the surgery and I can say that my life changed, my self-esteem is another, now I have the body I always dreamed of, I live happily because all that Dr. Juris made in my body was perfect...

I want to thank Dr. Dario Juris and his excellent team, who gave me their full support and diligence during my recovery.

Natalia Melo

October 10th, 2014


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