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My experience with Dr. Juris has been one of the most pleasant I have had. I'm from Puerto Rico and travelled to Colombia to undergo a ¨liposuction¨.

Why travelling to Colombia?

It was what many people asked me. In the office of Dr. Juris they treated me nicely beyond beyond being a simple patient, they treated me as if had known them for years. Another thing that made me decide for Dr. Juris was his accessibility, every call or E-mail always was answered very promptly. The best of all is that I was extremely pleased with the results, fulfilled my expectations. Personally I feel happy to have taken this step to leave my country to have this procedure and anyone who is thinking about undergoing an operation and reading this message has reached the correct Doctor, feel free to get in touch with him, you will not regret it. I will always be eternally grateful to Dr. Dario Juris López.

Ninoshka Álvarez

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