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My name is Elsie Rodrigues; 46 years old.

My experience in Bogotá Colombia was amazing I came to Colombia not knowing what to expect, I wanted to feel sexier and feel good about me again... Once I arrive and meet Dr. Darío Juris López I knew from my first consultation with him that I would trust him with all of me, he made me feel amazing about the way I was going to look and I trusted him right from the start. he has a way about him that shows he loves what he does,
I can tell right away he was very comfortable in his work and also made me feel comfortable about the work I wanted done, the day of the surgery came and I am in disbelieve how beautiful work he has done I didn't expect it to be the way I look it's more than I expected I'm so glad I had him do my work I couldn't ask for anyone better or anyone that cares as much as dr Juris does, I had the best recovery with everyone involved in his practice, specially Claudia matamoros she made sure I was comfortable with my travels and housing and made sure I was safe traveling alone I couldn't be happier and of course my massage girls Nohorella Campuzano, Yelipza Gomez, Claudia Matamoros, Rochy Solano, Juliana Solano this girl are amazing there massages are the most important part of the recovery they are very professional and I'm grateful to all of them. I just want to say thank you for making me feel as good as i do and making it such an incredible and amazing experience and thank you so much for giving me sexy back Dr. Darío Juris López you are the best.

Much love


Elsie Rodrigues.

Dr Darío Juris Testimonio Elsie Rodrigues Dr Darío Juris Testimonio Elsie Rodrigues
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