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This surgery involves the removal of excessive abdominal fat and skin in the middle and lower abdomen, also treating muscle flaccidity. This situation usually occurs in patients (either men or women) who have a relatively good shape but have had weight gain and subsequent loss or women who have had multiple pregnancies, after which the skin and abdominal muscles have relaxed and they have not recovered their initial tone.

It can also improve the loss of skin elasticity in older people, a situation often associated with moderate obesity and that does not improve despite diet and exercise.

Abdominoplasty provides a flatter and firmer abdomen, and a narrower waist. This procedure can dramatically reduce the appearance of the abdomen bulging. In return, leaves a permanent scar, which, depending on the extent of the original problem and the surgery required to correct it, can be longer or shorter.

If you only have fat accumulation in the area below the navel and a slight sagging, it may be sufficient realization of a less complex procedure and of lesser magnitude called mini-abdominoplasty, which is done in less time.

In all cases it may be associated with hips liposuction to improve body shape more harmoniously.

Women who are considering pregnancy after surgery are not recommended to undergo this procedure because they may lose the results. However it will not alter the baby’s development.

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