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Platelet-Rich Plasma

This treatment uses growth factors from platelets to rejuvenate the skin. These factors are in charge of, primarily, stimulating cell regeneration, increasing the formation of new blood vessels and producing new tissue. That is, they activate the body in the area where they are released to help rebuild the damaged tissue with a restorative effect.

With the skin Biostimulation with platelet-rich plasma, elasticity and skin firmness return. By increasing the vascularization of the area where growth factors are applied, the appearance of new skin is helped, and decreases at the same time, the effects of cellular oxidation eliminating wrinkles.

It is a natural and physiological treatment that uses the body’s own proteins, selected and concentrated, to repair the damage caused by the passage of time or solar injuries. This treatment is recommended because, “being a product obtained from the patient, we have no risks of allergies or intolerances to it.”

It is ambulatory and very fast (about 40 minutes, depending on the area of ​​application) and its effects are immediate. When leaving the office the effects are already evident.

When applied to the face, it helps to fade wrinkles and expression lines without making the face look stiff or stretched. It can be applied all over the body to enhance the appearance of the skin and platelets stimulate the creation of collagen and elastin.

It is effective to treat unpleasant and persistent acne and also works as a treatment to combat cellulite, which provides smoothness, texture, velvetiness, brightness, tone and quality to skin.

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