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Botulinum toxin

Facial wrinkles are the natural expression of the aging process of the tissue, the muscle action (lines), and secondary damage from sun exposure.

Within the armamentarium available to improve the quality of the aged skin we have botulinum toxin. This is a substance produced by bacteria (Clostridium botulinum) and that when injected into a muscle the latter gets paralyzed for a certain period of time.

It is applied in the muscles of the forehead, between the eyebrows and the “crow’s feet” more frequently. It can also be injected into the neck and chin.

It is done in the office. The plastic surgeon asks the patient to wrinkle the brow, forehead or eyes to identify muscle mass and the toxin is injected with a very fine needle.

The action of the toxin is highly variable but takes about 3 to 4 months after which the procedure is repeated to maintain the effect. The most interesting thing of these applications is that you create in your brain a new way of expression so many patients do not require new applications.

It is recommended not to massage the injection site and place no direct local ice on the worked areas. You should avoid the permanent ice otherwise you might have skin burns. Usually the surgeon must control the patient until the tenth day to assess changes that occur and, if necessary, reinforce the effect in some areas as is unpredictable because the true strength of each muscle group.

In the initial consultation your surgeon will evaluate your health, medical background and will evaluate your facial features determining which option is best for you.

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