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Breast Lift – Mamopexy

Over the years and after circumstances such as pregnancy, lactation and the force of gravity make the breast tends to fall; moreover, as the skin loses its elasticity the breast loses its shape and falls, a phenomenon known as breast ptosis. When the breast, besides falling has lost or has low volume, some prostheses can be placed to give a better form. Mamopexy, apart from lifting and improving the shape of sagging breasts can also reduce the size of the areola when very large.

The quantity of breast tissue changes proportionally according to weight, pregnancy, and hormonal changes. Ligaments and the pipeline system in the mammary gland is stretched so the breast goes down.

Mamopexy or breast lift seeks several objectives such as relocating the areola and nipple I a higher position, improve breast shape either reorganizing the breast parenchyma or, if this is not enough, placing some prostheses to restore the volume. Finally, Mamopexy aims to locate in the best possible place those scars that are needed to improve skin tension.

The plastic surgeon will evaluate your health, medical history of importance and will evaluate breasts.

It is very important to discuss your expectations. Improving the appearance of your breast requires scars to relocate breast in a better position. Your surgeon will do everything that lies in his possibilities so that these scars are in the best possible location and conditions but a high percentage depends on the type of scarring and skin quality.

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