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Gluteoplasty – Buttocks Lift

Gluteoplasty is a procedure that improves the volume and projection of the gluteal area. There are different techniques to improve the shape and volume of the buttocks, as the placement of implants, liposuction or lipoinjection.

If a small increase is required autogenous fat infiltration may be the best solution. If a further increase is required the surgeon may recommend the placement of prostheses. In no case the patient should submit to the infiltration of substances such as biopolymers, or hyaluronic acid which can be rejected by the body.

It is a surgery most frequently requested in the Latin American population. Gluteoplasty or buttock augmentation requires careful assessment since the anthropometry of this area should be evaluated given that the morphology is individual because of the insertion of the gluteus maximus muscle and bone hip layout. If a small increase is required, there are some scientific articles showing good results with autogenous fat infiltration.

However, if you require a greater increase is better to consider the placement of gluteal prostheses. In no case the patient should go to infiltration of other substances such as biopolymer, hyaluronic acid or others because lots of complications and rejections have been described.

The path to place the implant can be done by the cleft being very visible. The implant can be placed under the muscle fascia or under the gluteus maximus muscle.

The plastic surgeon will evaluate your health, medical background of importance and will evaluate the anthropometry of your buttocks to explain the options available and allow you to choose regarding size and shape desired.

If you smoke, use drugs such as aspirin, anti-inflammatory, vitamin E, and steroids or have spontaneous or prolonged bleeding tell your plastic surgeon, it is important to avoid complications in surgery.

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