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Mentoplasty is surgery in which we seek to improve chin projection, thus improving its aesthetic appearance and facial harmony. In the Mentoplasty an incision inside the mouth is created, a very accurate pocket is created and then the soft silastic prosthesis is placed to achieve the required harmonious and aesthetic appearance.

Mentoplasty aims to increase or decrease the size of the chin, thus achieving harmony and balance with the other factions.

Most chin implants are made of silicone, are firm but soft, their placement is more accurate and can usually be very easy.

Solid implants, usually synthetic, whose most common material is solid silicon. Unlike implants used for breast augmentation, the solid silicone implants does not rupture or cause leak in the body.

Chin augmentation causes a positive and dramatic change. And usually, to achieve harmony in the face, is  accompanied by other procedures such as Rhinoplasty – Nose Surgery and Bichectomia – Cheeks surgery.

Most common forms of solid implants:

  • Central anatomic implant:is suitable to improve the projection of the central chin forward and makes the chin look more defined, giving it a triangular appearance to the face.
  • Extendible anatomic implant:it is appropriate to improve chin projection and provides a more defined line, stylized and elegant jaw.
  • Mild square jaw implant:the implant has an extension that runs along the jaw line and is wider, giving a more square aspect to the jaw. It is suitable for men who want a stronger and more masculine facial appearance.
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